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Be Your Essence

Perfection is boring. We create garments that bring out beauty beyond traditional standards and are made for the contemporary woman who wants to seize her potential and flaunt her natural elegance.


Future is not written. It is to be imagined and woven, interweaving every thread to give life to precious embroidery that is somewhere between the modern and the remembered, reality and dream, glamour and vividness. Be Your Essence outfits the free, elegant, decisive and sophisticated woman by designing ready-made clothes that tell a story.
The iconic knitwear pattern is reinvented by imagining timeless garments with a metropolitan feel and a cosmopolitan vibe.
Each garment is designed for the contemporary woman who is constantly evolving, career-minded and free. She is always ready for travel and adventure while featuring an innate grace at all times.
Choose to be yourself, break free from the mold, drop your mask and put on your attire.