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Sonia's World

We have a long and intense history centered around beauty, a relentless pursuit for the shapes, colors, fabrics and details which enrich and refine the image of all kinds of women.

Sonia Gonnelli


Be Your Essence was established in Florence, where Sonia, its creator, was born. This is the same city where Venus emerges from the waters, where artisan hands have been weaving fine yarns since the Middle Ages, where Italian fashion was born to attain and rule the international arena.

Sonia’s first project, the fashion company Sonia Fortuna, was established in 1985 and it expanded all over the world thanks to its preciously distinctive handcrafted style. Handmade embroideries and trimmings join with ethnic contaminations, while always preserving a metropolitan flare that is imbued with a distinctive artistic culture. The quest to flatter today’s woman leads her to grace the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week with fine silks, lace and macramé that are enriched with pearls, organza and jersey, Swarovski, sequins, jewel buttons and floral appliqués conjuring up dreamy dresses that salute Italian-made fashion.

In her ongoing pursuit of fabrics and materials, Sonia chooses to glamorize knitwear, embracing the new challenge of bringing it to the forefront of contemporary fashion. Be Your Essence stems from this concept which leads to different chameleon-like nuances that are interweaved with statements of independence and freedom. It overturns perceived feminine limits to breaks the rules and to show off your natural beauty without defiance, but with flamboyance.
Modern woman’s beauty is far from static and takes on a color palette that celebrates summer and spring as well as winter’s warm intimacy. The airy shapes, sensuous details, minimal lines and precious embroidery of some arabesques are reminiscent of Renaissance garments that have been revisited with a metropolitan twist.

Be Your Essence is a journey that is dedicated to women, an invitation to freely express one’s personality and essence, a tribute to independence without fear or prejudice, in a vision that is rich with cross-contamination that are suspended between glamour and vividness.